Joy (joy31415926) wrote in bsm,


As I am quite excited about going to Budapest, I am somewhat worried about the cost of the program. I was wondering what people have done? Did you school fund you? What kind of scholarships did you have?
Thanks so much for all answers!
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My school is pretty intense about study abroad and we have to apply through the school. The good thing about that is that we pay them regular tuition and room and board and they take care of those expenses while we are abroad. Find your study abroad office and see what they say about it.
I was an out-of-state student going to Georgia Tech, and it actually cost less to study at BSM, and was a far better undergraduate mathematics education. Further, all of the class credit from BSM was directly applicable to my graduation requirements. All of this varies from school to school, but BSM is totally worth it :)

Do check with your study abroad office for scholarship opportunities.
Agreed - my school didn't help me pay for any of my tuition or living expenses, but even then, it was about half of what my tuition normally is. Especially since at BSM you can take as many classes as you want.